About VuQu

Eda Topbaş and Fazıla Topbaş, two women entrepreneurs who set out on a journey to write their own story, designed VuQu for women who are constantly on the move, dedicated to multi-tasking on a given day. “VuQu” is inspired by the Turkish word “vuku”, which means “to occur, to realize”.

VuQu combines both ease of use and functionality with immaculate Turkish handcraft and high quality leather production while promising a long-lasting, timeless style. Indeed, it recognizes the importance of the feel, thus chooses the materials that share the feeling, the attention and trust in every touch. Ultimate care is given to every single stitch, detail and all parts of VuQu designs. Offering sophisticated designs made of meticulous details, VuQu was designed to be the companion of women who believe in experiencing life as a journey, who, along the way, carry what they need in their bags, who care about choosing what feels right and good, who ultimately write their own story during their journeys.

“We carry everything we need, materially and spiritually in our bags – from our hopes and inspirations to our experiences – throughout our life. We wanted our bags to be long-lasting companions for women during their own journeys. We hope that VuQu keeps many women’s company just like us during their exciting journeys.”

Fazıla Topbaş & Eda Topbaş